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LLP Crowd 2011LLandudno coming up next!

Welcome to the GoldWing Light Parade Website, now sponsored by Stuart’s GoldWing Blog .  This website provides an overview and contact details for all major GoldWing Light Parades in UK.

Use the Contact Details Page to see all the basic information about each Parade in tabular form.   Dates for 2016 have now been added.  Each Parade also has its own full page, containing further information and pictures.

This was the first website to promote light parades and started off when the Blackpool Light Parade was the only one.  Hence the long and rich history and photo/video collection in the History section.  It continues to be the place for Wingers (and GoldWing fans generally) to find out about GoldWing Light Parades in UK.

All GoldWing Light Parades of any size are covered here and the information is as accurate as can be.  As well as basic information like when and where Light Parades take place, you’ll get details which should help you choose if you can’t make all of them.

Having enjoyed Light Parades in Hunstanton, Llandudno, Berwick, Scarborough and Skegness in 2015, let’s hope they are all successful in 2016 too.

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