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Over the years Scarborough Light Parade has raised a lot of money for the RNLI

Over the years Scarborough Light Parade has raised a lot of money for the RNLI

Next Scarborough Light Parade 10th September 2016

The Scarborough Light Parade will be running again this year after a successful rebirth in 2015.  The Event first ran in 2008 and every year after that until 2014 when issues of  crowd control arose.  This gap provoked a new look by the Borough Council, which is now taking more responsibility for the road safety and crowd control aspects, allowing the Event to resume.

The format follows the original Blackpool model of accommodation in a Holiday Park (in this case self catering in static caravans) with a static display on the Saturday afternoon and a Parade afterwards.

Scarborough is a good venue Town for a Light Parade based on the original Blackpool model, which was also based on a holiday camp outside town.  The sea front area in Scarborough itself where the static display takes place is however narrow and relatively short, so the bikes have to park  edge on the the pavement on the roadway in echlon, which isn’t ideal – but it works.  There’s not always room for everyone but it’s nevertheless a good display location and gathers appreciative crowds.

Scarborough is an attractive resort (with a well deserved reputation for excellent fish and chips) and the Parade Route works reasonably well, usually mustering in  a car park, riding around the Town and then back to the Holiday Park afterwards for a party.

During its first few years the Scarborough Light Parade attracted more and more Wingers and did better and better, especially as a fund raising event for the benefit of the RNLI.

The accommodation at the Holiday Park suits a GoldWing Light Parade because it offers Wingers variety of options – either sharing to save money or spreading out a bit more at higher cost.  You can therfore have the luxury of a big static caravan of your own for just two of you but many Wingers share caravans to save money and if you can organise yourself in this way and cope with cosiness, this is potentially the cheapest Light Parade of any.  Some Wingers prefer to stay in hotels or B&Bs in Scarborough for a bit more comfort but the party after the Parade and the entertainment all takes place at the Holiday Park.

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